The Artist

Justina Vail Evans, MCC CHt

Justina is an English artist living in the US. She is most known as a model and actor, having appeared in numerous magazines and commercials in the 1980’s and starring in major studio feature films and television series, including Seinfeld, X-Files, Highlander, and Jerry Maguire, during the 1990’s and 2000’s. In 2001 Justina won a Saturn Award for her lead role in a television series.


She is also a hypnotherapist and master certified coach, and she won the Hollywood Book Festival Award in 2012 for her book “How to Be a Happy Actor in a Challenging Business”.


However, all that pales in comparison to her love of art.


Having believed as a child that she would be an artist, at 16 years old Justina left school to attend Canterbury College of Art. She only lasted one year there, as a friend had convinced her to start modeling in London and, low on cash, Justina thought it might be a way to pay for her art supplies. However, life, as described above, repeatedly took her away from painting.

A Return to First Love

In the fall of 2020 Justina decided it was high time to return to her first love, painting. Not knowing what would (and will) emerge, she has been exploring ever since.


Overriding any move to sell or show her work yet, she has been focusing, instead, on creating a body of work.

The Artist's Inspiration

Her work is inspired by a love of archaeology, architecture, mythology, metaphysics, psychology, and spirituality. She has a deep interest in depicting those who come into the world with a purpose to bring light to darkness and to elevate our human culture into a new era.


In late 2023 Justina’s painting, Ninmah, was a finalist in the prestigious Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize and her (unfinished) piece She Held Us was published in their magazine. 

Canterbury College of Art, 1980